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Le sushi with my boobie cakes @_naomiev
@bossmanyvens preske fini avew… 1 down 1 more to go
I’m trying to get some notes together for my next blog post epi se la li vle mete tet li 😒
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Dear Self,

When are you going to stop making excuses? Today is the day that you stop. You want to do well in school? Do that shit. STUDY. You want to make money, be financially stable? Work hard. Stop being lazy. Manage your money. You want joy? Peace? Pick your battles, Love yourself enough to remove those that do not add value or happiness. You only need to surround yourself around those that are doing well, working just as hard as you, those that motivate you to be a better you! Love? Love yourself. Everyday look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you love who you are. God is the only person that will never leave or forsake you, become closer to him..lean on him, and the rest will come together. Stop being so angry, let shit go. Let go of your past, build a fucking bridge and get over it. You have so much growing to do, why waste it on dwelling on what shoulda coulda happened, or what went wrong yesterday, or who hurt you last month. People change. WAKE UP! Change and pain are inevitable. Learn to embrace it, and move on with your life. Work hard. Love yourself. Put forth your all in everything you do, be kind to yourself, and kind to others, let go of resentment, let go of anything that will hold you back. You deserve better, you have been wasting your time, you have been on a road that leads to destruction. You’re amazing, and you now know this. Do everything for your future self, everything. Now, thank god for this beautiful day, and another opportunity to work towards your future. Be happy, you’re blessed. Radiate positive energy around yourself, and only good vibes will follow.

Have a good day,


- A note I wrote to read in the beginning of each day. (via bria-lu-ren)

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